Meet Us

The Jane’s Behind the Toffee

Hi! Meet Jane and Jennifer Jane. We are a mother-daughter duo who are passionate about making you the best pecan toffee you have ever tasted. We believe that life is a whole lot better when you are surrounded by family and friends…and toffee. How lucky are we that we get to spend so much time together launching this business while making you the world’s best toffee (it’s a big claim but…just trust us! or even better–try some and test it out for yourself!)

The Story Behind the Toffee

Every year for Christmas, Jane’s mom Willa would make toffee for everyone she knew including the nuns at Jane’s Catholic school. The Toffee Tin (which is still beloved in our family & refilled with our toffee every Christmas!) would always be returned empty in anxious anticipation of it returning full again the next year. Jane perfected the art of making our toffee and does the exact same thing as her mom: every Christmas, she makes toffee for family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, teachers, doctors, and more. Every year the list gets longer from her husband and three daughters of who they’d like to share this delectable treat with. It has always been a dream to launch Toffee by Jane™ and together, we are making this dream a reality.

The Toffee by Jane™ Mission

Our hope and dream for Toffee by Jane™ is that our pecan toffee becomes part of your family’s traditions as it has been in our family for over 35 years.